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Short but surely unforgettable, experience the most EXHILARATING, sensual moments with me.

Escape reality and Loose yourself in my world of indelible, erotic escapades..... 


600 USD - 700 SGD - 400 GBP

90 MINS 

700 USD - 850 SGD - 600GBP


900 USD - 1100 sgd - 800 GBP


1200 USD - 1500 SGD - 1000 GBP


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Perfect for the adventurous and sensual lover!

Indulge in a unique experience, spent however and wherever you'd like. whether it is Dinner at one of your favourite restauraunts, an Opera, or more intimately behind close doors spent together in complete  lust.

 I ensure you will enjoy the entire stimulating and sensual journey- and not merely the destination!



Five hours

1800 USD - 2100 SGD - 1200 GBP


Six Hours

2000 usd - 2500 SGD- 1400 GBp



Favourite : As a pescatarian I love Seafood,

Cuisines : Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean, and italian 

Date ideas: Theatre and broadway performances, exhibitions and ballet, art gallery/museums, counry club/ Golf, skiing, other sporting events, conferences and PROFESSIONAL events, etc  








Lovers without limits....

there is no one else but us two, And the possibilities are endless!

Escape with me and create many, many memories to last a lifetime.   



3000 USD - 3500 SGD - 2000 GBP



4500 USD -  6000 SGD

Additional days: +1500 USD - 2000 SGD


Date ideas: Theatre and broadway performances, exhibitions and ballet, art gallery/museums, Boating, counry club/ Golf,  equestrian, skiing, scuba diving, other sporting events, conferences and PROFESSIONAL events, etc



I have a zest for travelling and exploring new surroundings! Whether you are going away for work and would like to mix some pleasure, planing a relaxing vacation that can be topped with an adventurous lover, or simply it is time for us to finally meet. i am the perfect companion!

There is a minimum 3 Hour booking REQUIREMENT with flights and ACCOMMODATION inclusive. 

Please Inquire through contact form










I came across Imani on Twitter quite by accident and discovered she was a touring WL who would be coming through Singapore.  Her pics looked almost too good to be true, but she had a huge fanclub on twitter and some good reviews so I thought I should try to meet her, and I am really glad that I did. 

This turned out to be one of the few times that the lady in person far exceeded her photos because words like stunning and beautiful don't begin to describe her.  I think what makes her most attractive (and also fun to be with) though is her personality because she is the most grounded and humble goddess that I've ever met.  You would swear from chatting with her that she was just the girl next door not an 11 out of 10 super-model.

Anyway let's get to the good stuff.  Imani is super sexy with her clothes off.  Her skin is so dark she is nearly ebony and so smooth it almost has a waxy feel to it.  I just couldn't help stroking and caressing her over and over.  When looking down at her I kept getting distracted by the way the light played across her skin tones and made her sexy curves stand out while she stared back up at me with her huge innocent looking eyes.  WOW.  A few times I found myself grinning at her like a kid who just opened his christmas present (I even told her I felt like Christmas came early).

I won't go into too many details about the games, but will just say that Imani gives a very enthusiastic performance and genuinely enjoys all GFE type activities.  To me the best part (and really the most basic part) of our encounter was simply how good she was at kissing.  She loves to engage in long, slow, soft kisses and actively seeks out your mouth during the entire encounter.

She passed through Singapore twice so I have managed to see her 4 times now.  I don't know when she will be back, but I will definitely be booking her again and again.


Thanks for the memories Princess...

Kherg - Singapore

Imani is the real deal. Easily one of the best I’ve been with in terms of attraction. ... the sleekest black leopard skin highlighted by a athletic curvy build, insanely supple lil bubble booty, such a warm soft touch with her hands, I could tell right away upon first touch she would blow me away and she did. Intelligent beyond her years and easy to build rapport with. Lives up to her photos and then some…… Can’t wait for her February return! 

Drew- Canada


I wasn't sure where to post this review since I just saw Imani in Singapore, but she is touring several Australian cities.


I have a previous review from her other visits to Singapore for anyone interested in learning a bit more about her before they "dive in".

This visit was a little different from the previous visits because we did a mix of Social Escorting, and regular escorting.  If you are shy about potentially walking around with a WL on your arm and being stared at (disapprovingly) that is not a problem with Imani.  She dressed quite normally and so did not draw an disapproving stares.  The problem was that she is so jaw droppingly, stunningly beautiful that she literally stops traffic when she walks in public.  It takes a while to get used to everyone around you stopping mid sentence to gaze in awe at this stunning creature.  (Don't worry, you are mostly  invisible to the onlookers because they are too busy staring at Imani).  If you think I'm exaggerating wait until the Aussie reviews start rolling in.  


I have been with some beautiful women before but what impresses me the most about Imani is the combination of her stunning beauty, and how grounded and humble she is.  She literally chats to you like she is the friendly neighbour girl from down the street.


But you didn't book her just to chat so you probably want to hear a bit more about the closed door activities.  Well she is a sight to behold once you get her fully naked and see the light playing across her ebony skin.  Her skin is completely hairless, and so smooth it almost has a waxy feeling to it.  I couldn't help stroking her all over continuously languishing in the unique feeling of her skin.  She is also very responsive to touch and she gets aroused slowly but intensely.  She has the sort of large soft lips that many ladies pay money to achieve, and is an excellent kisser.  She enjoys both kissing and being kissed which added a lot of intensity for both of us.


I love breasts of all shapes and sizes so I found Imani's tiny A-cup breasts were very suited to her body shape, and her nipple pearcings made them look all the more enticing.  Her breasts are also very sensitive, and she responds well to touching and licking... but just be careful not to tug too hard on her piercings.


The intercourse was amazing too.  I had to adjust a little to her body size because she is so tall, but she is very capable at all the usual positions.  The visuals are as much a part of the intercourse as the actual penetration, and here was the only area where I think our session could have been improved.  It would have been great if there had been some large mirrors in the room so I could enjoy the show from many angles.  But I had to settle for what I could see from my position.  I actually found the visuals a benefit to the encounter because I sometimes have trouble avoiding cumming too soon when I am with a very sexy lady... but the visuals were distracting enough to keep me going longer.

Sorry I am not going to provide more explicit details of the encounter.  You'll just have to book her yourself to find out.

Oh, one last thing.  If you are interested in some social escorting with Imani be sure to inquire.  She has reasonable rates for social outings or dinner/play dates. 


Went and saw this very sexy dark chocolate today and glad that I did. I've seen a lot of ebony women before but Imani was truly special. A great conversationalist and very intelligent to go along with a petite sexy body. Can easily get lost in her eyes which I did. Very full sexy lips that no one can resist kissing not even me and a booty that will melt in your mouth as well as your hands. She has it all and has become a must see for me. Our neffarious actions behind closed doors will play on loop in my head for as long as I have thoughts. Thank you so much Imani for visiting our fair city and I hope to see you again sometime soon.

CP- Canada


Guys...I have seen my share of women over the years! Many have been very pretty but only 6 have reached the top of my personal scale which is 15! Imani is a 15! Imani's look can be best described as as that of a super model. She could easily grace the Victoria Secrets Catalogue or the catwalks of Milan or Paris. Tall, super dark, exquisite face, perfect B tits, a perfect pretty pussy and a stellar bum. She has that skin that is super smooth and has that marvellous resilience and pushback to your touch. It is really hard to describe this feeling but those of you who have felt it, really know what I mean.

She has an easy going personality, coupled with a great curiosity about life that I find so refreshing. Once you break the ice, conversation comes very easily, for she possesses maturity beyond her now 20 years.

Imani is not a high volume girl. She is new and as such, can be frustrating to text with and book. But to be fair she is improving! LOL! One has to be very patient and you will be rewarded. I was relaxed in my approach, never gave up, did not allow myself to get wrapped around the axle and so was ultimately rewarded. 

You will find Imani is a fairly recent entrant into this business and it shows. I have been with tons of girls that are more skilled in the sexual arts for sure, but I DON'T CARE! I love the fact that there is plenty left for her to discover! So gentlemen if you get into her embrace understand this, and be understanding and gentle and you have an atypical experience with one of the most gorgeous women you will ever be with.

So as you can obviously see, I treat this girl quite differently than other girls. For me and a few other guys, she is a special companion.

Imani is very young and filled with the love of travel and exploration. I love travel myself myself so I can totally relate. I think her adventures will take her to great places and I am honoured to have been part of her journey.

So in conclusion, Imani is an exquisite beauty the likes of which, are few and far between. I will see this girl anytime I can. She is, for me, someone that I will cut a lot of slack for, she is so special. 

So there you have it, not really the kind of review that I usually do, but I trust that you get what I'm getting at. 

She can be found on BP when she works. If you get the chance to see her, treat her with respect and love and be a positive influence in her life and ultimately your own.

And that is it from me.



Pb- Canada



OMG, Imani is absolutlely gorgeous! If you like the pics in her ad, you'll love her. Her eyes and smile are worth the price of admission, her body is perfect and that bum is world class! Imani is a very nice girl and we got along great, open menu and we had a great time! She's only here for 1 or 2 more days, so don't miss this Nubian Princess, she is awesome!

Mike- Canada



I had the distinct pleasure of hosting Imani last night. She is the perfect chocolate package: dark and flawless skin. Finding the pink spots in that sea of black is just plain fun. I bought some chocolate covered fruit with some extra chocolate on the side. We started with some small talk, proceeded to petting and then out came the fruit. After tasting some chocolate covered strawberry’s and bananas (her favorite) , I was able to spread some chocolate on her breasts. The chocolate blend in well with her skin: it was a joy to have to be thorough enough to be sure she was cleaned up. Beautiful licking and in no time they were hard and pointy……  the fun just didn't stop. Imani is young and still learning the ropes but wow: a fabulous chocolate body and a really delicious personality.

Bill- Canada