An Inviting escape

Welcome to my world of indelible, erotic escapades. 

My name is Imani, and I am a published model and university student based in Canada.  But my zest for travelling and constant lust for new adventurous take me all over the globe, and once in a while in a city quite close to you.

I don’t lust but love being an escape from reality, I treasure the thrill and intimacy of our souls colliding, experiencing pure moments of immense pleasure,  acceptance, and building a genuine connection.

You will find my personality to be vibrant and engaging, at the same time soft spoken and soothing. Standing at 5’9, with a sleek and toned physique, flawless smooth skin and mesmerizing eyes. My alluring features only scratch the surface of what will have you wanting only more.

Escape with me and let our adventures unfold into the most exciting, intimate and surely unforgettable experiences

I look forward to exceeding your expectations and forging memories to last a lifetime, 

Yours soon, 

Imani Hamad




AGE: 21-24 SIGN: Libra

Measurements: 32b- 25- 37

Favourite Films: Harry potter,Freedom writers,The outsiders, and slumdog millionaire

Favourite destinations: Switzerland,France,and New York

Hobbies and iNTERESTS: A few things i enjoy are playing Piano, a round of tennis or Golf, attending Opera’s and plays, Hiking, and horse riding.

Favourite Books: The great Gatsby & The Kite runner